Saturday, 24 September 2011

Studio Fellows

Neil Fellowes came down to the studio the day before I went away and took some shots. I had seen some of his work on flickr of an abandoned car graveyard and really liked the effect he gets. He thought it would be interesting to apply it to my studio - its like it had been sealed up for 100 years then he discovered it and took his camera along for the reopening. Im going to put them on my website when I get it ready, in highres - these blog versions are limited to around 500k each. All pictures (c)2011 by Neil Fellowes

Maths Talk

Did I mention I've had a busy couple of weeks? If not its because Ive been too busy. Anyway, the week before I went to California me and Foxxy put the finishing touches on our new Maths album The Shape Of Things. So this is our second album this year - and whats more its a double album - with disc two being various remixes by other artists. It was a pretty hectic mixing job, but I really enjoyed it because it was done completely analogly (new word?). Also I hauled in tons of old analog and digital outboard

Heres a track from it called Talk, which uses the extremely funky Electro Harmonix DRM16 drum machine, and the Moog and Paia modular synths

Word of the Week #23


I have had a really busy week in the studio mixing a new band featuring Hannah Peel, Earland Cooper and Simon Tong, called Magnetic North. Its a very good album. We were averaging 4 tracks a day, phew!

Ghost Synth

I went down to Cafe Oto the other day to see Peder performing an amazing live set as half of Roll The Dice. I love this band, they are one of the few making interesting synth music using modulars live. In this case it happened to be a medium sized Buchla 200e, and when I arrived it was hidden underneath a white sheet, waiting to be unveiled. Check out their 2nd album, which has just come out on Leaf

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pattern One

Finally I had some time with the Buchla today, so I started experimenting with sequencing patterns. It likes doing these

Monday, 19 September 2011


Check out my video for the Wrangler remix of Shatterproof (featuring Mal from Cabaret Voltaire, see here too). Kind of low-fi I know, but what did you expect?

Spasiba Moscow

Ive just got back from more travels (it's been a busy week!), having done a synth presentation for my friends Vlad and Boris and the nice people of Moscow. What a big city! And one day is certainly not long enough to capture it, but I did try and here are some Holgas

Trunk Lines

It was delightful to invite Johnny Trunk into the studio last week for a brief tour, and also to show him the EMS VCS3 which he is doing something special with. His friend Marek (on the left) came down later too to examine the little synthi in more detail. More on this story later!

Johnny very generously bought me a vast selection of his CDs which was nice