Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pyjama Jam

I was experimenting with the Buchla and the iPad today, setting up a TouchOSC patch to control various parameters (see screenshot). Its really easy to set things up which was pleasantly surprising. The Buchla midi decoder is great because you can feed it a single midi cable and it spews out a ton of midi messages on banana cables that you can send anywhere. Also having the 254v voltage processor is useful for combining the Buchla control voltages with midi controller messages, in other words without it you couldn't send an LFO somewhere and control the amount via midi. It really opens the system up, I just wish the iPad was three times as wide

Monday, 5 December 2011

Keeping Busy

Steve sent me this snippet from some old interviews with members of Numan's band. This was how they used to do it in 1979. Actually its how we still do it in The Maths!

Quote from Russell Bell [Numan's Guitarist, although you wouldn't think so by the gear he used...]

"On that first tour, I had two Minimoogs, a Polymoog, a set of Moog Taurus bass pedals, four Synare syndrums, a guitar and of course a tambourine for Cars. I liked to be kept busy! We liked to use a lot of effects on our instruments as well. For instance, the starting noise of Cars was produced with an MXR Phaser pedal, a small orange box with the modulation turned up to full. We also liked to run the Minimoogs through harmonisers like the Eventide. In total we had twenty three keyboards on-stage at any one time, (with plenty of backups on the trucks in case they were needed)."

For Praying To The Aliens on Sat Night Live: (see video below. BTW, this TV program was seen by 40 million people at the time)

"The set up we used on that show wasn’t quite the same as our live shows. For one thing, Gary was standing behind a bunch of keyboards. In-fact, we had synths everywhere! Gary, Chris and I all had Minimoogs and Gary had a Roland SH-2000 for that low frequency oscillator stuff on Praying to the Aliens. Gary was playing all these extra whooo noises, I was playing the standard tune and I think Chris was doing the same. On Cars, I played the bottom D on the Polymoog. Amazingly, I think I can still play it..."

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Outdoor Mainframes

Saw these amazing pictures over on colorcubic.com. They are from a brochure for the EAI 640 Mainframe

Falling Lego

Sent to me by Paul. See here for more on this house


Strange Videos

Art Rockers

I'm pleased to announce that we won best electronic act of 2011 at the first Artrocker annual awards ceremony. Its so good to get something back for all our hard work. I love it when a plan comes together!

We were presented with the award by Gary Numan! What a mad day we had! Hannah and Sefa came along to the XOYO too and stood on stage while John said a few words. I did't say anything on the night but I'll say something now: thanks to Sefa and Hannah and Jeanga for being part of the live band, and thanks to Steve for all your hard work behind the scenes you are amazing. And thanks to John for giving me the opportunity to work with one of my musical heroes, its been an amazing 2 years!

UPDATE: Heres a pic taken as we walked off stage!


Whilst in LA Tara introduced me to her friend Stephi, who works at Big City Music, one of the many cool synth shops in that city - check out their blog here. Stephi is a major synth geek. Here she is demonstrating the very strange and beguiling Dewanatron