Saturday, 11 February 2012

word of the Week #30

A Foxx Twin


We started mixing our Great Guns EP this week. What a busy week!

I love the big LEDs on the MCI console. They make me happy

New Looking

I went to see a trendy band during the week called New Look. The singer was a model. Hello Steve and Lyn, I had a nice time

Hoodie and Moog

Heres another video that me and Sam made of us and Max playing the Moog Modular on one of Sam's new Diagrams songs

Sam's got a really nice blog here that you will enjoy looking at

Also, here are some pictures that Sam took of our session:

Black Rainbows

Alessandro sent me this one

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Benge Studios

I finally managed to create a front page for my domain name

Its basically a link back here because this is where I put everything. The picture is a still from a video I posted here of the oscilloscope Alan found in a skip

I have added a new label to this blog called Benge Studios which shows all the posts here that relate directly to the studio, so that will include studio pics, vids and info etc