Monday, 15 April 2013

Ebay of the Day

Wow look these original early 70s Buchla modules are up for sale at the mo (note the black davies knobs). Annoyingly they are all in separate auctions, so I photoshopped them all together into one dream package just so I could imagine what it would look like in an ideal world where systems like this stay together in one piece

UPDATE: These all sold through ebay for a total of $31,245 to various folk. Wow

Tanks a Bunch

Finally I got the 100 fully up and running. I can now hear the dual reverb tanks in all their glory. Thanks Keith!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

More Moore

I do like Henry Moore, not just his work but the way he lived his life. Lyn and I went to visit his house and studio in Perry Green last week, battling against the freezing wind. I've been before to the gardens and studios, but I had never taken the tour of his house. It felt a bit strange invading his personal space accompanied by at least four tour guides, each describing one room at a time. Walking past a telephone in one of the hallways there is his hand-typed list of his once most used numbers. I expected the telephone to ring and I would pick it up and it would be his cousin or bank manager or something, or Barbara Hepworth