Saturday, 4 May 2013

Concrete Poetry

Seeing that typed list in the previous post reminded me strangely of the typed work of Carl Andre, who we also saw at Tate Margate, and which led me to discover Dom Sylvester Houedard.

Back Stage

Sitting back stage at the Regent Theatre in Ipswich, and I noticed a book John had just been given called Back Stage - a very detailed archive of Gary Numan's 1979-80 tours. See here for more info.

Theres a cool list in it of his stage equipment - including five Polymoogs, six Minimoogs, and four MXR Flanger/Doublers!

Les Foxx

Its really great playing in classy venues. The dressing room at the Birmingham Symphony Hall had a nice piano in it:

Rebisus Review

I just found a really good in-depth review of my latest Benge album. Click below for more

Turner Prize

Our first gig was in Margate, and between sound checks we took a stroll down to the Tate. Theres an interesting little show on about JMW Turner's lectures on perspective, and some of the illustrations he made for them. This one reminded us of one of our album covers:

Miss Steer

The second was a trip down to Bush Hall to see Sefa and her new band. Heres a cool picture of Sefa

and heres a video of the gig

By the way Sef - we're missing you on the bus!

Too Many Deejays

Just before we left for our tour I managed to fit in a few gigs. The first involved heading down to Dalston for a crazy record-day party with the Soulwax brothers DJ-ing followed by a drunken Jarvis. AWESOME NIGHT!!!

Heres me and Phil posing about

Toxic Takeaway

We are well into our UK tour with OMD, and I just realised I hadn't posted a link to the remix I did for them!

Heres the blurb: Says John Foxx of the remix: "OMG! - its OMD! - The Maths have gone exponential. Channelling the spirit of J.G. Ballard via Joe Meek's 'Ghost Riders In The Sky', here comes Foxxy with a toxic takeaway delivered by Benge on a burning Buchla. A strangled tango for mangled minds in tangled times."

The single, released on May 27 via 100% Records, will include B-side 'Time Burns', in addition to remixes by Mike Jolly and Bounce Darkside, while the iTunes bundle comes with a reworking by Zebra and Snake.


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Pixelated Man

Some great Simmons and ARP action from 1983: