Saturday, 28 September 2013

Obi Four Kenobi

Here is a little ditty I just made on the Oberheim Four Voice. What a fantastically powerful sounding synth this is. Mine's got CV/Gate inputs for the 4th SEM, so I connected it up with the Moog modular system ( 960-clone sequencer) and set up a simple melody to play over. I will upload a better version of this track later, but here is me writing the main part:

By the way - thats three posts in a row featuring the same angle shot of a Moog Modular. I didn't plan that!

Tarkus Very Much

Via Matrixsynth

Old Frontiers

There is an excellent programme on BBC iplayer all about synths in film music. It really is a good programme - covering everything from Forbidden Planet to Pi, with some great studio footage from the likes of Walter Carlos, Moroder and Vangelis. And the best thing is its presented by Brian Butterfield!

Rock Rock

I took this pic at Rock, Cornwall. These colours are real!


Finally - some Lone Taxidermist action! And nice interview here. The track was recorded / coproduced here a while ago

Red Mecca Record Deck

Mal came round to do some work on the Wrangler EP, and bought me a copy of the latest re-issue of the Cab's Red Mecca on vinyl - and below is a vid of a bit of it on my new (old) record player I just got on eBay. Joy